Communication and convergence

Communication and convergence.

If music Communication cannot shake his heart, the music has no vitality.

You didn’t have a sharp sensibility like musicians who decided to live after listening to classical music once?


Classic collected by season.


Tchaikovsky’s Four Seasons, “June” is a song about a clear summer boat song, and among Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, summer is a song depicting showers.

Therefore, these are songs that are much more comfortable and suitable to listen to in the summer than to listen to in the winter.

Although the season for listening to classical music has not been decided separately. We have compiled songs suitable for the four seasons.

Even if the melody is familiar, there are not many opportunities to listen to the entire song with commentary.

Classical music, in particular, adds to the fun of registering and reading pretty illustrations and LP photos of famous performances owned by the author.


It is epic and symphonic.


I can feel the sincerity of elaborating the aesthetics of the flow.

The artist fully demonstrates the mature scent filled with traces of time taken out of the winery hidden deeply hundreds of years back. Perhaps by the time the bookshelf is covered, I am looking forward to seeing what kind of echo will occur in my heart.


I want to approach it while cherishing it’

No matter how difficult conditions are, I experienced that changing my mind can solve them, and I learned too well that having practical difficulties does not necessarily mean that I suffer from mental pain.

If your mind is healthy, you can live happily under any conditions and show your outstanding talents. I wanted to let the students know that there was a path.


In order to withdraw your mind, you need to look back first.

I made them recall in chronological order as they remembered from childhood.

I think of the first memories that come to mind, the things I saw, heard, and experienced in my life so far, the people I met, and the things that remained in my mind.

People put what they have seen, heard, and experienced since birth in their hearts. It is stored in the brain like a picture. It’s already past, but it’s only stored in my heart.


Throwing away this fake picture is subtraction meditation.

To lose your mind is to get rid of stress. It relieves the burden of the mind by eliminating the cause of stress.

When stress disappears, the face becomes brighter and clearer. Excluding the mind, communication is good not only at body circulation but also at work and at home.

Usually, they make self-assertion based on photos they have experienced and taken.

If these photos are missing, you will be able to listen to the other person’s story rather than your own argument and be considerate of others.


After meditating, many people say

This is what students, as well as office workers, housewives, athletes, and pilots say.

After I abandoned my mind of comparing myself to others, my daily routine was comfortable even if I was busy all day.

I became more focused on what I do. This is because they don’t waste their energy being conscious of others’ eyes.

As negative thoughts disappear, positive changes naturally occur.