Guam Traveling

Guam Traveling is excitement.

The fantasies about the unknown world fill my head, such as what I should look at, what I should see, what people I will meet, and how I will feel when I return.

It is the pleasure of free travel to gather and gather various frugal information, make your own plans, and leave, but on the other hand, it is also a pain.

Every time I have to make a choice, I think, “Is this really the best?” and apply the standards I used in my daily life without even realizing it.

Words describe rest and rest that have left daily life, but things that face reality are not much different from daily life.

Wherever I go, I don’t change easily. I just walk around on an anonymous island for a while as if I were someone else, but in the end, I’m just me.

Traveling sometimes exerts superhuman power with tension.

Even if I keep doing something from dawn to evening, I don’t know if I’m tired or exhausted.

It is thanks to a potion of joy that has discovered something new. My mind is busy until I get on the plane returning home under the potion.

Eventually, it becomes far from rest. But I’m leaving again. Looking for a break.

I’ve been to Europe and Southeast Asia, but Guam is my first time.

All it was to the extent that it was just an island in the Pacific Ocean that skin-scuba liked.

When I heard that I was traveling to a place I didn’t want to know or tried to know, I was in a hurry.

Starting with “Where should I stay,” “What should I eat?” and “Tourism?” I asked the Guam Tourism Administration in Seoul for data and collected information on the Internet.


The moment you dream, the trip begins.

“Guam” introduces the coolest trip in the world.

What is the first scenery that comes to mind when you want to get out of your tired daily life and put everything down for a while?

Isn’t it a warm southern island with an open sea and exotic scenery? Guam is the perfect destination for you who dream of such a wonderful vacation spot.

This is because it has an environment suitable for the best vacation spot, including a beautiful tropical island.

Reached in just four hours, picturesque seas and sunny weather, numerous restaurants and various activities.

In addition, it is attractive that you can shop freely because the entire area is a duty-free area. In particular, T Galleria, Guam Premium Outlet, and Micronesia Mall are essential courses.

It can’t be better because you can relax, eat deliciously, and have fun.



Organizing only verified places that have been eaten, slept, and experienced while covering every corner of Guam.

In particular, as a thrifty travel expert, he generously introduced various travel know-how and tips.

Above all, the biggest strength is the accommodation part, which perfectly analyzes hotels and resorts.

Even readers who are new to overseas travel have nothing to worry about.

While the travel route was blocked, there were many changes in the local situation of Guam.

As the most important thing in the guidebook is the latest information, we did our best to update the information. Spot closed or closed due to COVID-19 reflected information that changed or changed to a new place.

In addition, it introduces a safety tour guide that is good to know before leaving for Guam and a way to cope with emergency situations in the region.

As health and hygiene have become more important throughout the COVID-19 era, it is essential information to start overseas Guam traveling safely.


Enjoy Guam

Emerald sea, palm trees, delicious restaurants, shopping centers, and hotels facing the beach.

Guam is an attractive resort that can be reach in about four hours in Korea.

You can lie down on the beach and take a walk in the sea.

Focusing on the latest local information, it is design to specially enjoy Guam in consideration of the purpose of the trip, such as family trips and couple trips.

With public transportation, rental car, and GPS information, you can easily reach anywhere on the island and especially help you choose a hotel that occupies the most important part of a resort.

In addition, 100% of Guam can be enjoyed through abundant activity information and shopping information.

In addition, you can complete your trip to Guam according to your taste through friendly guidance such as tours, cruises, festivals, golf, prenatal education, and self-wedding.


Guam, it’s your first time?

Don’t worry Guam Traveling.

It deals with all parts of Guam’s Tumon & Tamuning, Aganya, southern and northern regions.

As Guam is a small area one-third the size of Jeju Island, the book divides themes.

Attractions, activities, shopping, restaurants, and accommodations, instead of classifying them by region, and puts them together with a map.

The introduced attractions evenly contain representative tourist destinations that show greater presence over time, such as Love Cliff, Chamoro Village, Agagna Cathedral, GPO, and Micronesia Mall, and recently emerged as a hot topic among travelers.

On top of that, the operating hours, how to go, increased fees, whether to close the business, and the website were neatly revised and reflected to prevent travelers from taking false steps.

You can see the importance of the spot at a glance by marking stars (1-3) at tourist attractions and “recommendations” at restaurant spots.


Mission in Guam

Eat, drink, play! How to enjoy Guam 200%!

If you are curious about the bucket list you must do in Guam, pay attention to Mission in Guam.

In addition to tourist attractions that you regret if you miss it in Guam, you can meet a variety of local foods, including dazzling emerald beaches, water activities such as jet skiing, scuba diving, and dolphin watching, Guam recommended restaurants selected by people around the world, coconut crabs, and Chamoro barbecue.

Along with this, you should pay more attention to shopping! The entire island is full of tips on major brands that are good to target in Guam, a duty-free area, essential items such as clothing, medicines, and baby products, and how to use discount coupons. To enjoy Guam traveling deeply and fruitfully, Feeldog!


“Where is the perfect accommodation for you?”

Guam is a smaller island than Jeju Island, and the places where travelers stay are limited to Tumon areas.

So the choice of accommodation is narrow.

The service of employees is not as good as that of hotels in large cities.

Most of the accommodations in Guam are resorts, while hotels place a large weight on the condition of their rooms.

For the purpose of staying, while resorts focus on recreational facilities.

Due to the nature of the hot and humid island country, humidity rises and smells damp after a few hours of turning off the air conditioner.

It is meaningless to simply compare Guam, where prices themselves are expensive, with Southeast Asia and discuss the level of accommodation.

Let’s look at Guam’s various pleasures rather than the splendor of the room.


Guam Traveling – Cliff of love.

It is a place for tourism that people who travel to Guam always visit.

The sheer cliffs and dense trees harmonize with the blue Philippine Sea, providing an unforgettable coastal view.

In particular, the reason why this place is famous is because of the sad love story.

They tried to escape the island with their lovers who loved each other deeply.

I is said that numerous lovers visit this place and pledge their love for each other.

They also pledge to be harmful forever by hitting the “Love Bell.”


Guam Traveling – Skinner Square and Guam Museum.

At the entrance, there is a memorial stone for soldiers from Guam who lost their lives during World War II.

And at the center of the square is a sculpture that reminds Michelangelo of the statue of Pieta.

“Pieta” means “give mercy” in Italian, reproducing the image of a mother holding her son who died in war instead of the Holy Mother holding the dead Christ.

The magnificent Guam Museum is located in front of Skinner Square. The Guam Museum introduces Guam’s history, culture, and natural environment through a permanent exhibition titled The Journey of the Chamoros (second floor.

In addition, various special exhibitions (first floor) are plan and exhibit based on the culture and arts of the Guam and Marina systems.

The size of the exhibition is not very large compared to its appearance, but it helps to understand the unique culture of Guam, an island country in the South Pacific.


Let’s enjoy small deviations by fishing!

Let’s enjoy small deviations by fishing!


A Fishing guidebook that helps you get into a new hobby with ease and fun.


It is an Fishing article that helps you resolve by having a hobby of wanting to feel.

Wanting to learn and grow, and opening a new way to communicate with the world.

From choosing the right style for me to specific explanations and practical know-how on equipment.

It introduces practical contents tailored to the eyes of beginners, including famous grounds and explanations of various fish species.

They can’t forget the hot taste of hands and colorful eyes.

It gives you an opportunity to fall in love with your taste.


New hobby to you who dream of a special daily life.


It is a guidebook that helps you enter new hobbies more easily and more funly under the theme of “Daily Life to Enjoy through Hobbies.”

The second book in the series includes practical content tailored to the eyes of beginners in fishing, from selecting the right style for me.

Specific explanations and practical know-how on equipment, famous grounds and various fish species.

There are various styles and themes in fishing. The author, the owner of the blog Memories of Biting.

For you who are interest in fishing how to start.

It generously contains practical know-how from the basics of recommended fishing equipment.

How to catch fishing rods to finding good points, spraying base, and targeting each fish type of fish.

Why don’t you leave for sea fishing with your precious people and fall into the hot taste of your hands, colorful eyes.


Let’s choose a style that suits me!


More and more people are dreaming of among those who want to find new hobbies.

It is dynamic freshwater fishing.

Focuses on sea fishing where you can eat the fish you caught with confidence.

There are a variety of styles in sea.

They include one-two fishing where you can throw a rod to the beach and enjoy. It leisurely, more active reel, recommended for those who enjoy active sports activities.

What’s the best way to fish even after learning the style?

Fish and think about what meat you want to eat the most.

If the target fish species are certain, the probability will increase.


“Fishing equipment.” Basic guide.

Take a look at the fish species that are subject to sea fishing in this article and choose the right method for me!

If you find the right fishing style for you, it’s time to have the right equipment.

It helps to select recommended products and purchase checkpoints.

There is a list of necessary fishing equipment for each style.

It is easy to see at a glance what equipment is needed for the fishing style I chose.


Real sea fishing.

Sea fishing that you make up your mind to leave.

Careful preparation is essential in order not to go out and return in vain.

It explains in detail what must be checked water stains and fishing points. Underlying, and casting that will determine the conclusion of fishing in practice.

By explaining the timing, point, bite time, and preparation for each fish species, I can easily see what I need to catch the fish I want by pointing out the key contents with a check point.

It digs into points across the country.

In this book, key information such as major seasons, target fish species, strengths, weaknesses, and major points are briefly summarized for each area to help readers choose their origin.

What is the reason for falling into fishing? Isn’t it suitable as a hobby alone that gives you time to organize your thoughts and enjoy conversations with yourself?

This book seems to be a useful guide for beginners in that it is the joy of fishing to feel the joy of a small life.


Camping and fishing

Which have emerged as the best healing leisure in the COVID-19 era, have met!

If you want to go camping or go fishing and enjoy camping, this book is the end!

Camping and those who do not know fishing faithfully dealt with the introductory episode.

In the section on the use of camping equipment, it introduced necessary information and products from the selection and utilization of camping equipment to the popular car camping cars, and in common sense, it helped learn camping fishing by understanding equipment and sea.


Trout fishing trip to find missing dreams and hopes.


The representative work of Brautigan, the master of American literature in the 20th century.

It is an idyllic ecological novel that captivated young Americans in the 1960s, depicting the lost American industrial society in restrained language, sharp satire and humor.

It tells the story of a man traveling to the western United States with his wife and young daughter in search of his lost childhood idyllic

On the way to the trout fishing site, the protagonist meets various kinds of alienated people.

Through their devastated lives, they accuse American society of inhumanity. The beautiful waterfall became a wooden floor or marble, and all the rivers were hardened with asphalt.

Everything smelled like sheep.

They were listening to the sound of bells ringing from yellow.


The reason for fishing.

The fisherman, who returned to the sea, found himself rusted,
To regain the lost value as a fisherman, I constantly go to the sea.

It is an essay about the process of experiencing numerous failures.

  • The most beautiful human heart is “love”.
  • The most blessed emotion humans have is ‘excitement’.
  • In our lives, we face a pounding moment under the control of emotions.
  • What brings that moment is mostly the premise that it is the ‘
    It’s full of nervousness… How precious is it?


Living is as tearful as leaving.

How many countries have you traveled so far? First love, first snow, first child, first trip… The word “first” means…
The itself gives you excitement. The first away fishing was like that, too. In 2001, I watched it in a Japanese magazine.
Indonesia Bali, where we fought with one heart. I’ll just try to catch Giant Trevally (G.T.
I was lucky to meet the 40kg class there. That’s how the away fishing started.
I didn’t know it would be the beginning of my destiny to visit every corner of the world.

The ship staying at the port is safe.
But the ship is not asking to do so.

It started with excitement.
Overseas away fishing.

His wings…
I want to believe that I will continue to show you the scenery of the land I haven’t been to and the stories I haven’t finished yet.

The stories created by his breath in each photo are a moment for the readers who read this book.
If you can make him dream, he said that’s enough.

If that’s possible, you’ve already gotten used to it
He said that his steps to pack at some port will be lighter.



Preparing for a bike travel

A kind guidebook for outdoor bicycle travelers who are in the spotlight!

It contains 53 bicycle destinations nationwide that any bicycle traveler wants to run!
Ultra-precise guides specialized for bicycle trips such as detailed maps, elevation tables, course access, accommodations, and shelters for each course!

However, most cyclists flock only to places that are good to ride bicycles in the metropolitan area.

They also want to go far away and travel by bicycle. However, travel information is insufficient. Also, I don’t know how to take my bike there or how to come back after the trip.

It is a guidebook that empowers beginner bicycle travelers to go on bicycle trips out of the world. The book introduced bicycle courses across the country that cyclists want to go to at least once.

It introduces bicycle travel courses around Jeju Island and around the Hangang River, Seomjingang River, Geumgang River, Nakdonggang River, and Yeongsangang River. In particular, this book kindly guides cyclists on how to approach their most difficult bicycle destinations.

It introduced optimal approaches according to transportation such as buses, trains, airplanes, and ships. In addition, detailed maps and elevation tables for each course are used to guide the course accurately.

It also provides travel information such as restaurants, accommodations, and shelters specialized for bicycle travel. The moment we meet, a new path to bicycle travel opens.

Introduce 53 courses that cyclists must visit.

53 bicycle courses by theme were introduced. The book introduced themed bicycle travel courses such as courses in Seoul and suburbs, courses enjoyed.

The suburbs of Seoul introduced 11 places to run if you dream of a bicycle trip, including the Bukak Skyway, Heart Course, Ara Waterway, Namsan Park Road, and Myeongdal-ri Course.

In addition to traveling around the coast, Jeju Island also introduced an inland course called the “Oreum Kingdom” and Udo Island, an “island in the island.”

The national bicycle course divides the four major rivers, including the Hangang River, Geumgang River, Yeongsangang River, Seomjingang River, and Nakdonggang River, and guides them precisely.


Present the best means of transportation and method to access the course.

The first problem you encounter when you start a bicycle trip is how to travel to the course.

This is because once you go to the course with your bike, you can enjoy the joy of a bicycle trip. Therefore, bicycle travel has devoted a lot of its priority to explaining how to move the bicycle to the course.

There may be bicycle travelers who move with bicycle carriers in their cars, but most people still use public transportation, so it tells them in detail how to access them using public transportation such as trains, trains, ships, buses, and airplanes.

The distance and time from the starting point to the place of public transportation use, the section of public transportation use, and the starting point of the course are specified so that you can know at a glance the time and method of accessing the course.

Course analysis using data such as altimeter, driving log, and detailed map by course.


Analyzing and showing the course based on various data is also a feature of bicycle travel.

This book provides essential direct information to bicycle travelers through objective data such as altimeter, driving log, and detailed map for each course.

You can know the height of the course through an altimeter, and understand the approximate course through a detailed map. The driving log provides objective data such as mileage, driving time, total elevation, and calorie consumption.

In addition, it was accompanied by an analysis of difficulty, accessibility, and time required.

The difficulty level is based on the course mileage, elevation, and maximum slope, and the overall course is analyzed as a score.

Accessibility tells you the distance from the starting point to the course and how to approach it.

The time required comprehensively shows the time it takes to run the course and travel to and from the course. Therefore, if you carefully examine this data, you can grasp all the key contents of the bicycle travel destination 부대찌개맛집.


Through the navigation section, we’ll guide you through the difficult course.

In addition to conveying the atmosphere of the course through photos and text.

The bicycle trip tried to enhance readers’ understanding of the course through maps and altimeter information.

However, there is a confusing course where it is difficult to travel by bicycle just with this alone.

These places help readers understand by creating separate navigation sections.

Where it is confusing to find a driving course at a crossroad.

The direction of the course is indicated by arrows in the picture, making it easy to find the course.

Where you can’t express it in pictures, you can guide the course through the course.


Providing information such as accommodation, restaurant, shelter, etc. specialized for bicycle travel.

The bicycle trip was the first to introduce information on restaurants and accommodations adjacent to the bicycle course.

Placed far from the course were boldly excluded, no matter how famous they were. I ran hard all day and arrived at my destination, but it is not easy to travel long distances again to eat.

The same goes for the dorm. The book introduced places where you can stay without departing from the course.


A bicycle trip that combines outdoor and travel, such as camping and rail bike.

In addition to bicycle trips, they were considerate to enjoy outdoor and travel together.

In particular, I paid a lot of attention to enjoying camping along with bicycle travel.

The Camping & Riding section introduced courses that can be enjoyed in the natural recreation forest with camping sites.

  1. Introduced on other information on camping sites so that you can travel by bicycle while camping.
  2. Introduced places where bicycles can be rented locally for travelers to carry bicycles.
  3. In popular travel destinations such as rail, bikes are collected separately and guided.

Communication and convergence

Communication and convergence.

If music Communication cannot shake his heart, the music has no vitality.

You didn’t have a sharp sensibility like musicians who decided to live after listening to classical music once?


Classic collected by season.


Tchaikovsky’s Four Seasons, “June” is a song about a clear summer boat song, and among Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, summer is a song depicting showers.

Therefore, these are songs that are much more comfortable and suitable to listen to in the summer than to listen to in the winter.

Although the season for listening to classical music has not been decided separately. We have compiled songs suitable for the four seasons.

Even if the melody is familiar, there are not many opportunities to listen to the entire song with commentary.

Classical music, in particular, adds to the fun of registering and reading pretty illustrations and LP photos of famous performances owned by the author.


It is epic and symphonic.


I can feel the sincerity of elaborating the aesthetics of the flow.

The artist fully demonstrates the mature scent filled with traces of time taken out of the winery hidden deeply hundreds of years back. Perhaps by the time the bookshelf is covered, I am looking forward to seeing what kind of echo will occur in my heart.


I want to approach it while cherishing it’

No matter how difficult conditions are, I experienced that changing my mind can solve them, and I learned too well that having practical difficulties does not necessarily mean that I suffer from mental pain.

If your mind is healthy, you can live happily under any conditions and show your outstanding talents. I wanted to let the students know that there was a path.


In order to withdraw your mind, you need to look back first.

I made them recall in chronological order as they remembered from childhood.

I think of the first memories that come to mind, the things I saw, heard, and experienced in my life so far, the people I met, and the things that remained in my mind.

People put what they have seen, heard, and experienced since birth in their hearts. It is stored in the brain like a picture. It’s already past, but it’s only stored in my heart.


Throwing away this fake picture is subtraction meditation.

To lose your mind is to get rid of stress. It relieves the burden of the mind by eliminating the cause of stress.

When stress disappears, the face becomes brighter and clearer. Excluding the mind, communication is good not only at body circulation but also at work and at home.

Usually, they make self-assertion based on photos they have experienced and taken.

If these photos are missing, you will be able to listen to the other person’s story rather than your own argument and be considerate of others.


After meditating, many people say

This is what students, as well as office workers, housewives, athletes, and pilots say.

After I abandoned my mind of comparing myself to others, my daily routine was comfortable even if I was busy all day.

I became more focused on what I do. This is because they don’t waste their energy being conscious of others’ eyes.

As negative thoughts disappear, positive changes naturally occur.


Living as me, not anything

Living as me, not anything.


This content has been attracted to the title.

  • Future was not as strange as I thought.
  • I read it lightly. It wasn’t just heavy or droopy.
  • I hope there is no late age to ask who I am. It’s okay to live as my life.


Putting myself at the center of the world…

You can say that you’re in the top spot in the world.

It may be to have a clear framework of criteria in the surrounding environment or situation and to reach the best decision or result.
Who encourages and comforts themselves in a complicated and interrupted reality?

  • It’s yourself and it’s going to yourself.

Encouragement and comfort from the people around you are a great help and a driving force to overcome difficulties.

Comforting and encouraging yourself will be the creation of energy of immortality…

The story of the material that can comfort oneself is equipped with such infinite energy. “I decided to live as myself.”

I will have to make a fair evaluation of the perspectives and evaluations of people around me. Do not favorite or self-rationalize.

In a complex and difficult world, I was able to find elements that have a steady and development-oriented attitude without losing myself.


I was attracted to the title and read it.

It gives advice and comfort on life with various episodes.
At the end of each episode, I summarized it as a picture, which is very witty and interesting.

After reading the book, I really feel comforted by reality.
I came to think about the life I lived, and I thought about the way I would live in the future.

It was really nice to make you think a lot about me completely.
If someone is struggling with anxiety and depression about their life, I hope you read it.

Not to be hurt by people passing by in life.

  • Develop an eye for it.
  • Have your own taste.
  • What to choose for yourself.
  • Live in a place where you can shine.
  • Not to write a false script about the future.
  • Increase the number of cases of life.
  • I will try not to dry up.

Share your travel story

This site is a site that shares stable travel preparations for those who dream of traveling alone.

I will shake off my fear of traveling alone and finally help, saying, “I think I can do it.”