Guam Traveling

Guam Traveling is excitement.

The fantasies about the unknown world fill my head, such as what I should look at, what I should see, what people I will meet, and how I will feel when I return.

It is the pleasure of free travel to gather and gather various frugal information, make your own plans, and leave, but on the other hand, it is also a pain.

Every time I have to make a choice, I think, “Is this really the best?” and apply the standards I used in my daily life without even realizing it.

Words describe rest and rest that have left daily life, but things that face reality are not much different from daily life.

Wherever I go, I don’t change easily. I just walk around on an anonymous island for a while as if I were someone else, but in the end, I’m just me.

Traveling sometimes exerts superhuman power with tension.

Even if I keep doing something from dawn to evening, I don’t know if I’m tired or exhausted.

It is thanks to a potion of joy that has discovered something new. My mind is busy until I get on the plane returning home under the potion.

Eventually, it becomes far from rest. But I’m leaving again. Looking for a break.

I’ve been to Europe and Southeast Asia, but Guam is my first time.

All it was to the extent that it was just an island in the Pacific Ocean that skin-scuba liked.

When I heard that I was traveling to a place I didn’t want to know or tried to know, I was in a hurry.

Starting with “Where should I stay,” “What should I eat?” and “Tourism?” I asked the Guam Tourism Administration in Seoul for data and collected information on the Internet.


The moment you dream, the trip begins.

“Guam” introduces the coolest trip in the world.

What is the first scenery that comes to mind when you want to get out of your tired daily life and put everything down for a while?

Isn’t it a warm southern island with an open sea and exotic scenery? Guam is the perfect destination for you who dream of such a wonderful vacation spot.

This is because it has an environment suitable for the best vacation spot, including a beautiful tropical island.

Reached in just four hours, picturesque seas and sunny weather, numerous restaurants and various activities.

In addition, it is attractive that you can shop freely because the entire area is a duty-free area. In particular, T Galleria, Guam Premium Outlet, and Micronesia Mall are essential courses.

It can’t be better because you can relax, eat deliciously, and have fun.



Organizing only verified places that have been eaten, slept, and experienced while covering every corner of Guam.

In particular, as a thrifty travel expert, he generously introduced various travel know-how and tips.

Above all, the biggest strength is the accommodation part, which perfectly analyzes hotels and resorts.

Even readers who are new to overseas travel have nothing to worry about.

While the travel route was blocked, there were many changes in the local situation of Guam.

As the most important thing in the guidebook is the latest information, we did our best to update the information. Spot closed or closed due to COVID-19 reflected information that changed or changed to a new place.

In addition, it introduces a safety tour guide that is good to know before leaving for Guam and a way to cope with emergency situations in the region.

As health and hygiene have become more important throughout the COVID-19 era, it is essential information to start overseas Guam traveling safely.


Enjoy Guam

Emerald sea, palm trees, delicious restaurants, shopping centers, and hotels facing the beach.

Guam is an attractive resort that can be reach in about four hours in Korea.

You can lie down on the beach and take a walk in the sea.

Focusing on the latest local information, it is design to specially enjoy Guam in consideration of the purpose of the trip, such as family trips and couple trips.

With public transportation, rental car, and GPS information, you can easily reach anywhere on the island and especially help you choose a hotel that occupies the most important part of a resort.

In addition, 100% of Guam can be enjoyed through abundant activity information and shopping information.

In addition, you can complete your trip to Guam according to your taste through friendly guidance such as tours, cruises, festivals, golf, prenatal education, and self-wedding.


Guam, it’s your first time?

Don’t worry Guam Traveling.

It deals with all parts of Guam’s Tumon & Tamuning, Aganya, southern and northern regions.

As Guam is a small area one-third the size of Jeju Island, the book divides themes.

Attractions, activities, shopping, restaurants, and accommodations, instead of classifying them by region, and puts them together with a map.

The introduced attractions evenly contain representative tourist destinations that show greater presence over time, such as Love Cliff, Chamoro Village, Agagna Cathedral, GPO, and Micronesia Mall, and recently emerged as a hot topic among travelers.

On top of that, the operating hours, how to go, increased fees, whether to close the business, and the website were neatly revised and reflected to prevent travelers from taking false steps.

You can see the importance of the spot at a glance by marking stars (1-3) at tourist attractions and “recommendations” at restaurant spots.


Mission in Guam

Eat, drink, play! How to enjoy Guam 200%!

If you are curious about the bucket list you must do in Guam, pay attention to Mission in Guam.

In addition to tourist attractions that you regret if you miss it in Guam, you can meet a variety of local foods, including dazzling emerald beaches, water activities such as jet skiing, scuba diving, and dolphin watching, Guam recommended restaurants selected by people around the world, coconut crabs, and Chamoro barbecue.

Along with this, you should pay more attention to shopping! The entire island is full of tips on major brands that are good to target in Guam, a duty-free area, essential items such as clothing, medicines, and baby products, and how to use discount coupons. To enjoy Guam traveling deeply and fruitfully, Feeldog!


“Where is the perfect accommodation for you?”

Guam is a smaller island than Jeju Island, and the places where travelers stay are limited to Tumon areas.

So the choice of accommodation is narrow.

The service of employees is not as good as that of hotels in large cities.

Most of the accommodations in Guam are resorts, while hotels place a large weight on the condition of their rooms.

For the purpose of staying, while resorts focus on recreational facilities.

Due to the nature of the hot and humid island country, humidity rises and smells damp after a few hours of turning off the air conditioner.

It is meaningless to simply compare Guam, where prices themselves are expensive, with Southeast Asia and discuss the level of accommodation.

Let’s look at Guam’s various pleasures rather than the splendor of the room.


Guam Traveling – Cliff of love.

It is a place for tourism that people who travel to Guam always visit.

The sheer cliffs and dense trees harmonize with the blue Philippine Sea, providing an unforgettable coastal view.

In particular, the reason why this place is famous is because of the sad love story.

They tried to escape the island with their lovers who loved each other deeply.

I is said that numerous lovers visit this place and pledge their love for each other.

They also pledge to be harmful forever by hitting the “Love Bell.”


Guam Traveling – Skinner Square and Guam Museum.

At the entrance, there is a memorial stone for soldiers from Guam who lost their lives during World War II.

And at the center of the square is a sculpture that reminds Michelangelo of the statue of Pieta.

“Pieta” means “give mercy” in Italian, reproducing the image of a mother holding her son who died in war instead of the Holy Mother holding the dead Christ.

The magnificent Guam Museum is located in front of Skinner Square. The Guam Museum introduces Guam’s history, culture, and natural environment through a permanent exhibition titled The Journey of the Chamoros (second floor.

In addition, various special exhibitions (first floor) are plan and exhibit based on the culture and arts of the Guam and Marina systems.

The size of the exhibition is not very large compared to its appearance, but it helps to understand the unique culture of Guam, an island country in the South Pacific.