Preparing for a bike travel

A kind guidebook for outdoor bicycle travelers who are in the spotlight!

It contains 53 bicycle destinations nationwide that any bicycle traveler wants to run!
Ultra-precise guides specialized for bicycle trips such as detailed maps, elevation tables, course access, accommodations, and shelters for each course!

However, most cyclists flock only to places that are good to ride bicycles in the metropolitan area.

They also want to go far away and travel by bicycle. However, travel information is insufficient. Also, I don’t know how to take my bike there or how to come back after the trip.

It is a guidebook that empowers beginner bicycle travelers to go on bicycle trips out of the world. The book introduced bicycle courses across the country that cyclists want to go to at least once.

It introduces bicycle travel courses around Jeju Island and around the Hangang River, Seomjingang River, Geumgang River, Nakdonggang River, and Yeongsangang River. In particular, this book kindly guides cyclists on how to approach their most difficult bicycle destinations.

It introduced optimal approaches according to transportation such as buses, trains, airplanes, and ships. In addition, detailed maps and elevation tables for each course are used to guide the course accurately.

It also provides travel information such as restaurants, accommodations, and shelters specialized for bicycle travel. The moment we meet, a new path to bicycle travel opens.

Introduce 53 courses that cyclists must visit.

53 bicycle courses by theme were introduced. The book introduced themed bicycle travel courses such as courses in Seoul and suburbs, courses enjoyed.

The suburbs of Seoul introduced 11 places to run if you dream of a bicycle trip, including the Bukak Skyway, Heart Course, Ara Waterway, Namsan Park Road, and Myeongdal-ri Course.

In addition to traveling around the coast, Jeju Island also introduced an inland course called the “Oreum Kingdom” and Udo Island, an “island in the island.”

The national bicycle course divides the four major rivers, including the Hangang River, Geumgang River, Yeongsangang River, Seomjingang River, and Nakdonggang River, and guides them precisely.


Present the best means of transportation and method to access the course.

The first problem you encounter when you start a bicycle trip is how to travel to the course.

This is because once you go to the course with your bike, you can enjoy the joy of a bicycle trip. Therefore, bicycle travel has devoted a lot of its priority to explaining how to move the bicycle to the course.

There may be bicycle travelers who move with bicycle carriers in their cars, but most people still use public transportation, so it tells them in detail how to access them using public transportation such as trains, trains, ships, buses, and airplanes.

The distance and time from the starting point to the place of public transportation use, the section of public transportation use, and the starting point of the course are specified so that you can know at a glance the time and method of accessing the course.

Course analysis using data such as altimeter, driving log, and detailed map by course.


Analyzing and showing the course based on various data is also a feature of bicycle travel.

This book provides essential direct information to bicycle travelers through objective data such as altimeter, driving log, and detailed map for each course.

You can know the height of the course through an altimeter, and understand the approximate course through a detailed map. The driving log provides objective data such as mileage, driving time, total elevation, and calorie consumption.

In addition, it was accompanied by an analysis of difficulty, accessibility, and time required.

The difficulty level is based on the course mileage, elevation, and maximum slope, and the overall course is analyzed as a score.

Accessibility tells you the distance from the starting point to the course and how to approach it.

The time required comprehensively shows the time it takes to run the course and travel to and from the course. Therefore, if you carefully examine this data, you can grasp all the key contents of the bicycle travel destination 부대찌개맛집.


Through the navigation section, we’ll guide you through the difficult course.

In addition to conveying the atmosphere of the course through photos and text.

The bicycle trip tried to enhance readers’ understanding of the course through maps and altimeter information.

However, there is a confusing course where it is difficult to travel by bicycle just with this alone.

These places help readers understand by creating separate navigation sections.

Where it is confusing to find a driving course at a crossroad.

The direction of the course is indicated by arrows in the picture, making it easy to find the course.

Where you can’t express it in pictures, you can guide the course through the course.


Providing information such as accommodation, restaurant, shelter, etc. specialized for bicycle travel.

The bicycle trip was the first to introduce information on restaurants and accommodations adjacent to the bicycle course.

Placed far from the course were boldly excluded, no matter how famous they were. I ran hard all day and arrived at my destination, but it is not easy to travel long distances again to eat.

The same goes for the dorm. The book introduced places where you can stay without departing from the course.


A bicycle trip that combines outdoor and travel, such as camping and rail bike.

In addition to bicycle trips, they were considerate to enjoy outdoor and travel together.

In particular, I paid a lot of attention to enjoying camping along with bicycle travel.

The Camping & Riding section introduced courses that can be enjoyed in the natural recreation forest with camping sites.

  1. Introduced on other information on camping sites so that you can travel by bicycle while camping.
  2. Introduced places where bicycles can be rented locally for travelers to carry bicycles.
  3. In popular travel destinations such as rail, bikes are collected separately and guided.