Living as me, not anything

Living as me, not anything.


This content has been attracted to the title.

  • Future was not as strange as I thought.
  • I read it lightly. It wasn’t just heavy or droopy.
  • I hope there is no late age to ask who I am. It’s okay to live as my life.


Putting myself at the center of the world…

You can say that you’re in the top spot in the world.

It may be to have a clear framework of criteria in the surrounding environment or situation and to reach the best decision or result.
Who encourages and comforts themselves in a complicated and interrupted reality?

  • It’s yourself and it’s going to yourself.

Encouragement and comfort from the people around you are a great help and a driving force to overcome difficulties.

Comforting and encouraging yourself will be the creation of energy of immortality…

The story of the material that can comfort oneself is equipped with such infinite energy. “I decided to live as myself.”

I will have to make a fair evaluation of the perspectives and evaluations of people around me. Do not favorite or self-rationalize.

In a complex and difficult world, I was able to find elements that have a steady and development-oriented attitude without losing myself.


I was attracted to the title and read it.

It gives advice and comfort on life with various episodes.
At the end of each episode, I summarized it as a picture, which is very witty and interesting.

After reading the book, I really feel comforted by reality.
I came to think about the life I lived, and I thought about the way I would live in the future.

It was really nice to make you think a lot about me completely.
If someone is struggling with anxiety and depression about their life, I hope you read it.

Not to be hurt by people passing by in life.

  • Develop an eye for it.
  • Have your own taste.
  • What to choose for yourself.
  • Live in a place where you can shine.
  • Not to write a false script about the future.
  • Increase the number of cases of life.
  • I will try not to dry up.