Let’s enjoy small deviations by fishing!

Let’s enjoy small deviations by fishing!


A Fishing guidebook that helps you get into a new hobby with ease and fun.


It is an Fishing article that helps you resolve by having a hobby of wanting to feel.

Wanting to learn and grow, and opening a new way to communicate with the world.

From choosing the right style for me to specific explanations and practical know-how on equipment.

It introduces practical contents tailored to the eyes of beginners, including famous grounds and explanations of various fish species.

They can’t forget the hot taste of hands and colorful eyes.

It gives you an opportunity to fall in love with your taste.


New hobby to you who dream of a special daily life.


It is a guidebook that helps you enter new hobbies more easily and more funly under the theme of “Daily Life to Enjoy through Hobbies.”

The second book in the series includes practical content tailored to the eyes of beginners in fishing, from selecting the right style for me.

Specific explanations and practical know-how on equipment, famous grounds and various fish species.

There are various styles and themes in fishing. The author, the owner of the blog Memories of Biting.

For you who are interest in fishing how to start.

It generously contains practical know-how from the basics of recommended fishing equipment.

How to catch fishing rods to finding good points, spraying base, and targeting each fish type of fish.

Why don’t you leave for sea fishing with your precious people and fall into the hot taste of your hands, colorful eyes.


Let’s choose a style that suits me!


More and more people are dreaming of among those who want to find new hobbies.

It is dynamic freshwater fishing.

Focuses on sea fishing where you can eat the fish you caught with confidence.

There are a variety of styles in sea.

They include one-two fishing where you can throw a rod to the beach and enjoy. It leisurely, more active reel, recommended for those who enjoy active sports activities.

What’s the best way to fish even after learning the style?

Fish and think about what meat you want to eat the most.

If the target fish species are certain, the probability will increase.


“Fishing equipment.” Basic guide.

Take a look at the fish species that are subject to sea fishing in this article and choose the right method for me!

If you find the right fishing style for you, it’s time to have the right equipment.

It helps to select recommended products and purchase checkpoints.

There is a list of necessary fishing equipment for each style.

It is easy to see at a glance what equipment is needed for the fishing style I chose.


Real sea fishing.

Sea fishing that you make up your mind to leave.

Careful preparation is essential in order not to go out and return in vain.

It explains in detail what must be checked water stains and fishing points. Underlying, and casting that will determine the conclusion of fishing in practice.

By explaining the timing, point, bite time, and preparation for each fish species, I can easily see what I need to catch the fish I want by pointing out the key contents with a check point.

It digs into points across the country.

In this book, key information such as major seasons, target fish species, strengths, weaknesses, and major points are briefly summarized for each area to help readers choose their origin.

What is the reason for falling into fishing? Isn’t it suitable as a hobby alone that gives you time to organize your thoughts and enjoy conversations with yourself?

This book seems to be a useful guide for beginners in that it is the joy of fishing to feel the joy of a small life.


Camping and fishing

Which have emerged as the best healing leisure in the COVID-19 era, have met!

If you want to go camping or go fishing and enjoy camping, this book is the end!

Camping and those who do not know fishing faithfully dealt with the introductory episode.

In the section on the use of camping equipment, it introduced necessary information and products from the selection and utilization of camping equipment to the popular car camping cars, and in common sense, it helped learn camping fishing by understanding equipment and sea.


Trout fishing trip to find missing dreams and hopes.


The representative work of Brautigan, the master of American literature in the 20th century.

It is an idyllic ecological novel that captivated young Americans in the 1960s, depicting the lost American industrial society in restrained language, sharp satire and humor.

It tells the story of a man traveling to the western United States with his wife and young daughter in search of his lost childhood idyllic

On the way to the trout fishing site, the protagonist meets various kinds of alienated people.

Through their devastated lives, they accuse American society of inhumanity. The beautiful waterfall became a wooden floor or marble, and all the rivers were hardened with asphalt.

Everything smelled like sheep.

They were listening to the sound of bells ringing from yellow.


The reason for fishing.

The fisherman, who returned to the sea, found himself rusted,
To regain the lost value as a fisherman, I constantly go to the sea.

It is an essay about the process of experiencing numerous failures.

  • The most beautiful human heart is “love”.
  • The most blessed emotion humans have is ‘excitement’.
  • In our lives, we face a pounding moment under the control of emotions.
  • What brings that moment is mostly the premise that it is the ‘
    It’s full of nervousness… How precious is it?


Living is as tearful as leaving.

How many countries have you traveled so far? First love, first snow, first child, first trip… The word “first” means…
The itself gives you excitement. The first away fishing was like that, too. In 2001, I watched it in a Japanese magazine.
Indonesia Bali, where we fought with one heart. I’ll just try to catch Giant Trevally (G.T.
I was lucky to meet the 40kg class there. That’s how the away fishing started.
I didn’t know it would be the beginning of my destiny to visit every corner of the world.

The ship staying at the port is safe.
But the ship is not asking to do so.

It started with excitement.
Overseas away fishing.

His wings…
I want to believe that I will continue to show you the scenery of the land I haven’t been to and the stories I haven’t finished yet.

The stories created by his breath in each photo are a moment for the readers who read this book.
If you can make him dream, he said that’s enough.

If that’s possible, you’ve already gotten used to it
He said that his steps to pack at some port will be lighter.